Protect Furniture From Sun

There are actually hundreds of different kinds, brands of rocking chairs available on the market. Picking the finest one will require a great deal of work and is not easy. There are so many different components to take into account when choosing a rocking chair for example price, durability, type, brand and maintainability. These areRead more

Protect Yourself

Sources : Solar Power energy is slowly becoming more and more popular nowadays, with the rise of solar powers equal more fuel is saved and more money is saved. Whilst not everyone is saving energy by installing solar panels, there have been a larger increase of people using solar panels nowadays. Solar PanelsRead more

Solar Air Heater

Most solar air heaters work a little bit different then you might expect. When we talk about solar energy it is usually in the context of energy generation. However for a solar air heater we are only generating heat by using the sun not electricity. This simplifies the process quite a bit, and makes itRead more

RV Solar Power

Here’s a form of solar energy you might not be thinking of. It’s perfect for those of you who like to jump in an RV and travel across the plains, the wind blowing in your hair as the road drifts by underneath you. Today we’ll talk about RV solar power! So your hauling down routeRead more

Solar Home Heating

For some the solar power cost of outfitting your house is a bit more then you would like to spend. Well there are other options like solar home heating that still offer the same benefits of solar, just in a less expensive package. While these options can be more economical they will not give youRead more

California Solar Power in Full Effect Ya’ll

Way to go California! It seems San Jose has reached first place with reidential solar power systems and commercial installations, along with several other California city’s close at it’s heel. California solar power is on the rise and hopefully will not be slowing in the future. Several years ago California adopted a state plan calledRead more

Are Solar Rebate Programs Working?

Over the last couple of years we’ve seen the solar industry boom due to solar rebate initiatives. These programs give a residential or business owner money back for solar power installations. Depending on what state you are in these rebates can be of a substantial amount of money, and they have been quite successful. NotRead more